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Light Therapy Facial Treatments

LED Light activated skin rejuvenation utilises high intensity light emitting diodes to gently and painlessly rejuvenate your skin naturally. The treatment stimulates collagen synthesis to naturally firm the skin. Different coloured lights are utilised to reduce hyper pigmentation, acne and increase skin clarity and tone. 6-8 weekly treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Choose From one of the following Light facials or Book in with our Dermal Therapist for a complimentary consultation and Skin analysis.

Restore Light Facial

Improve firmness and collagen synthesis with the restorative Light therapy, anti-ageing vitamins and Hyaluronic acid Masque skin infusion. A relaxing Light therapy facial for glowing skin.

Brighten & Refresh Light Facial

A fresh light therapy facial designed for skin radiance and clarity. Utilising concentrated brightening Cosmeceutcials for healthy clear even skin.

Clear Light Facial

Clear and decongest the skin with powerful blue light facial therapy. Utlising skin clearing cosmeceuticals and anti-inflamatory masque therapy to heal and smooth the skin.

IonActive Dermalogica Power Treatment Facial

This is a highly active personalised skin treatment that targets stubborn skin concerns. Ideal for treatment of ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity, acne and dehydration.Your skin will look and feel dramatically improved utilising dermalogica bio+charged ingredients and Light therapy.

Relax Light Facial
(includes hand arm & foot massage)
60 mins$140
(Express) Light Facials40 mins$75
Purchase five express light facials and receive the sixth complimentary.$375